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Sofia Kreissl - Massage and Coaching

"When we see eroticism as something that lives and thrives in our own bodies, not from other bodies, its there without shame and as a natural part of life."

Relaxing or sensual massage. Experience the feeling of getting the best massage you can get - the one that suits you. In particular, I want to encourage women to explore touch that is truly for them.

In a massage we touch the connective tissue, fascia, muscles and the amazing nervous system that is our inner communication system.

We communicate about what you want and I guide you in expressing it. It empowers you to get in touch with your needs and to articualte them clearly.

I use a clientlead perspective which is characteristic of Sexological Bodywork. That as well as the fact that we encourge pleasure in your body, through your own body.

When you book 85 minutes of massage, you have the opportunity to explore your erotic / sexual life energy through a sensual massage if that is what feels right for you at the moment.

I really appreciate this experience. It was exciting and at the same time warm and caring. I prefer this to just being "worked on".


Body Therapy through massage / touch is a proven form in order to feel better. I work with massage / touch combined with Sexological Bodywork is a body therapy where sexuality is welcomed and unites body and mind.

It is sometimes difficult to feel into our bodies and express what we want. I support you in feeling and expressing your needs and deepest desires. See 10 common reasons for going to a Sexological Bodyworker or similar body therapy.

With a client-led approach, we enable you to make a lasting difference in your life, whether it is to discover your body in a new way or to create changes in your relationships.

Through The Wheel of Consent we explore the dynamics of what it means to give, to receive, to take and allow. The Wheel of Consent is a revolutionary way to clarify for whom something is being done and take apart receiving and giving.

My meeting with Sofia has helped me to develop in a way that I've never experienced before. With warmth and humility from Sofia I feel safe and dare to develop at my pace. Thanks Sofia. I will come back!
Warm regards, Jonas

Somatic (body-oriented) relationship coaching through Sexological Bodywork and the Wheel of Consent  gives you the ability to find intimacy and clarity in your relationships. It suits people who want to be more physically intimate or make their relationship better by not just talking.

Our body language is an important part of our communication and in a relationship its often what makes you feel connected to your partner/s.

In a session with me you get the opportunity to discover and express what you feel in an enjoyable way, but outside a sexual and performance-oriented context. This is a turning point for many people and it will improve your daily life as well.

Welcome to enjoy more clarity, happiness and pleasure in your relationships!

I Walked away from you with a warm feeling in my heart, or perhaps several different emotions, all positive. A pair of magical warm hands and a for me, very important conversation.


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► As I google myself I find out that I work as an escort/sex worker. Interesting. Article coming up about that.
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Note! I have changed studio from Solna to Södermalm - Åsögatan 148

Hi! My name is Sofia Kreissl and I live in Stockholm. I am a certified Sexological Bodyworker and a certified fitness masseur from Axelsson.
I work with relationship coaching and those who want to experience more intimacy, pleasure and personal development.
In my work as a somatic sex educator  the process of embodiment from a clietnlead perspective is essential. I invite you to explore your wonderful body and its true potential with me.

Sofias Nyhetsbrev

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Welcome to contact me if you want to know more!

or call me 0737-44 82 14

Sessions with me are caring, safe and in complete confidentiality