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Sofia Kreissl - Somatisk Utbildning Stockholm

About me - Sofia Kreissl

"My sexuality has always been dependant upon others. My body and its pleasure was in correlation to other people  and my approach was completely partner-oriented. What was eroticism without anybody else, who was I without anybody but me?

My life changed completely when I first by myself, and later on a massage table, realized that my body and its pleasure is not dependent on anyone else. It gave me integrity in relationships, it gave me the courage to choose what I want and it continues to give me immense pleasure in my body and life.


I started my education at Coach U in London with Pamela Richarde almost ten years ago. Coaching is a great tool and through my education in Sexological Bodywork with Uma Furman and Deej Juventin I finally found the missing piece - embodiment. The true meaning of how much our body means became apparent and as our eroticism was welcomed and not hidden away I discovered what a portal it is to our truest self. Our body has an incredible ability to store what once was registered in it. Hence, healing through our bodies is powerful. 

I got to experience freedom from a partner relationship and the combination of language and body increases our capacity for enjoyment, liberation of shame, healing, self love and the ability to relate to others when my body knows its limits. And how fun it is!

I have a massage training from Axelsons and I never cease to be fascinated by how much a massage can mean. I have a teacher education from the Univerity of Uppsala and I have had the privilege to work with and learn from both my students and great teachers.

I have spent time in Argentina studying Business Administration and learning Spanish. French and Italian are still challenges, but I am happy to assist you in English, German, Spanish, and not least in your body language.

Betty Martins Like a Pro is another training that made a strong impression on me. I have had many good role models over the years that have meant alot to me and inspired me but I can not recommend this training enough. Its not only for those of us who work with touch but also for anybody interested in setting boudaries and helping others in doing so. If you want to have fun and develop at the same time, the workshop Ritual Play that Marina Kronkvist has created is unique and great.


Sex education starts with consent. But when your sexuality as well as my began to form it was perhaps mostly influenced by friends' experiences, current norms, shame, magazines, porn, advice columns, inadequate sex and relationships education in schools. Not so often good experiences where consent and words were natural, role models or good books.

The shame, anxiety, uncertainty and the fear of not being as others is still influencing our kids today. We do not talk about sex in educational purposes and we still hold on to a lot of shame that we pass on to future generations. We can not let one-sided porn be the most determining factor in our children's sexual development as it tends to be if we do not control it.

My hope is that my children are growing up with a sexuality they are not ashamed of. Consent will be part of our training and it will be natural to communicate about sex - espcecially while you are having it. Consent is a clear yes, not an assumption. If we teach our children to express their needs and boundaries clearly, this clarity will make a change in how we treat and interpret each other. 

Through openness and curiosity, I intend to be a role model in creating a society that is not based on outdated gender roles, norms, prejudices and lack of clarity. There is alot of good literature, blogs and videos about sex. Here is a link to some of them.