Wheel of Consent Pleasure Massage

Do you want more pleasure? Are ready to take pleasure to a new level?  This workshop is for you who want to enjoy touch even more, and explore pleasure with your partner or with a friend. Why settle for something that isn't perfect if you can get that? This is a perfect time to learn more about yourself and your partner!

Pleasure is truly a gift of love to your partner and in this workshop our focus is on relaxed joyful pleasure. Create connection, love and laughter when you both explore each other in a pleasurable but not necessarily sexual way.

Enjoy touching each other more than even in a mindful, beautiful connecting way. This isn't just a massage, it's two bodies meeting each other.
Both of you learn touch techniques and discover what you like best. What makes your heart sing and what makes your partner happy?

Bring a partner/friend and apply here:
Contact Sofia at 0737-448213 for questions or email sofiakreissl@gmail.com
300:- SEK per person

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Sofias Nyhetsbrev

Wheel of Consent Pleasure Massage