Relaxed joyful pleasure
Pleasure in the sense of rich relaxed pleasure fully present is truly a gift of love - both for you and your partner. Sometimes it comes natural and sometimes we get stuck and need some new inspiration. If you are in a long term relationship you might have many habits that were true 20 years ago. Perhaps there has been changes, in one of you or both? This is your opportunity to explore what pleasure you and your partner prefer. 

Maybe you have wished that your partner would touch you in a more pleasureble way? This is your opportunity to tell them! And you will learn how easy it is to find that connection and get some great touch. It is not difficult - we are just not taught how to do it. 

You will practice some great touch skills that will improve your relationship and quality of touch. Breath, sound and slowing down are a few of the keys that you will learn as well.

Underwear is kept on and no genital touch. It is a very smooth way to make sure that you discover and find surprises in the many unexplored parts of your body. Take the opportunity to discover the full range of pleasure from new perspectives. Welcome on a fantastic journey!
Limited places - secure a spot by Calling Sofia at 0737-448214 or email